• The spread the good News of our Lord Jesus Christ, through Missionary work, establish and operate Deaf Christian churches.
  • To train and nurture strong Christian Deaf Church leaders, through operating a Deaf Bible Training Centre to work in the vine yard of the Lord and nourish the spiritual needs of the Deaf People.
  • Work in partnership with other churches and likeminded organizations, within and outside Uganda to empower the Deaf with the gospel of Jesus Christ and Missionary work.
  • To increase the education opportunities of Deaf people through sponsorship and establishment of Deaf Educational Institutions like Primary Schools and Secondary Schools.
  • To improve information dissemination on spiritual issues among the Deaf community through various mediums such as newsletters videos and Seminars.
  • To raise funds through donations, commercial activities and any other income generating activities in order to support the activities of Deaf Action Uganda.
  • To economically empower DAU workers and the Deaf people to improve their livelihood.