Our programs


We carry out evangelism ministry activities through our network of 19 churches across the country. These churches are supported by a number of evangelists, who travel long distances to minister to the various congregations and preach the word of God to the Deaf people and interested hearing people. Through this program we also establish fellowships and retreats for the Deaf people.

Formation of Deaf Church Leaders

DAU runs a Bible Training School, located in Kampala, which acts as the main training center for DMI workers in Africa. Candidates from neighbor countries such as Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania are trained in Uganda before returning to their home countries to spread the Good News in their own communities. We make disciples of the Lord, training Deaf Church leaders to the harvest of souls.

Education Sponsorship of poor Deaf Children and Youth:

Education for the Deaf is also an issue in our Ministry. We work with other partners to increase opportunities by providing scholarships to Deaf young people to allow them to acquire an education.  We advocate and promote the education of poor Deaf children and Youth in holistic approach mainly through; direct support in terms of fees for Deaf students who are orphans of war survivors or have no direct family to support and care for them. Our support under this programme includes students in primary and secondary schools, and some have excelled in their exams and are now studying at College/University. We also support establishment of schools for the Deaf.

Sustainable livelihoods for Deaf Community and Workers:

We support economic empowerment of the Deaf community through providing marketable, vocational and business skills training and provision of micro credit to individual Deaf persons and DAU staff for the development and sustainability of their lives.